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Why Regular Electrical maintenance is important for wiring?

On an average more than 3000 domestic and corporate facilities catch fire every year in India. And approximately one-third of which are caused because of building wiring and electrical faults. Electrical fires cause extensive property loss and damage; but in several cases these fires are preventable.

Electrical connections including worn-out, deteriorated or outdated wiring, especially in buildings over 15-20 years old are the most common cause of fires. Routine electrical checking of your home or office can help in the detection of underlying electrical issues preventing the risk of fire.

Is the wiring in your Estate safe?

Buildings made 20 years back or before that are at a higher potential risk of electrical hazards if their complete wiring structure is not inspected or changed for some time and could show deterioration signs.

New homes may also have underlying wiring damage. There is an increase in the use of electrical appliances across all homes, offices in making it crucial that the electrical system of the building is checked, if it can withstand the growing demand on power.

Book our services and our electricians will review the wiring in your property. Seek their recommendations to prevent electrical hazards, including inspection of power outlets and faulty switches.

Common Electrical Wiring Faults

Old, defective, or inferior wiring can corrode or become loose in switches and power outlets resulting in overloading, fuse blow-outs or electrical system trips and breaks.

Warning Signs

Contact our electrical experts if you experience any of these warning sign as they may be an indication of possible hazard;

  • Regularly fuse blow-outs or tripping breakers
  • Discolored or Hot (switch plates/ cords/ plugs)
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Loose outlets
  • Unusual buzzing
  • Burning smell
  • Light bulbs Malfunction
  • Arcs or sparks in outlets
  • Broken or cracked insulation
  • Electrical shocks upon touch
  • Warning Signs

    An expert inspection of the electrical system is advised periodically for old and new buildings even if there is no obvious warning sign, because of increased power demand and load today.

    Our team of electricians helps prevent electrical problems in your estate by replacing outdated wiring, defectively manufactured products, and non-compliant installations of plugs and switches during routine annual inspection to keep family safe from all potential electric hazards.

    Book a call with us, and make your home safe!

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