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Our Pest Services

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Are you looking for Pest Control Services in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram? Or, want the best and reliable Pest Control near you? Pests are not only dangerous to your valuables but can also be life-threatening for the occupants raising concerns of hygiene issues, putting the health of your loved ones and employees at risk.

We help prevent, protect and eliminate irritants from attacking our client's homes, offices, estate, and corporate warehouses, shielding their assets from getting damaged or infected by pests and rats to create a healthy environment for their estate occupants around the year.

Pest Control Near You in NCR

We provide active, reactive, and planned routine Maintenance for every aspect of our client's home or corporate space, offering prompt and reliable Pest Control Service options for resolving their issues quickly and efficiently.

CareMS is the leading Home Maintenance Services provider; we provide many types of services. Over 5000+ Families love our works with great feedback. CareMS'sCareMS's Pest Controllers Near You give a doorstep service within 1 hour. Also, CareMS Company ensures that you get the best Pest Control Services in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram.


Every time you book a local technician from your area, you remain skeptical about the kind of person entering your personal space. At CareMS, all the technicians are certified, experienced and background verified. You don't need to worry about your safety as it is important to us. CareMS is the place where you get reliable Pest Control Services.

Why get Pest Control Services from CareMS?

  • Reliable Services: Our Services are reliable and effective. We use government-verified materials in service.
  • Trusted over 5000+ Families: CareMS'sCareMS's Technicians are certified, trained, experienced and background verified. And, our services are loved by over 5000+ families in NCR.
  • Doorstep Services: Care Maintenance Services provides doorstep service within 60 minutes.


CareMS provides pest control services such as General Pest Control, Rodent Control, Bed Bugs Control, Termite Control, etc., which can bring your entire schedule to a standstill while at the same time disrupting the normalcy of your everyday life.

CareMS Technicians in Delhi NCR provide the best solutions regarding Pest Control. Professional Pest Control Services offered by CareMS Technicians:

Our Pest Control Services
  • Ant Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Control
Our Pest Control Services
  • Cockroach Control
  • Herbal Pest Control
  • Bed Bug Control
Our Pest Control Services
  • Chemical Pest Control
  • Gel Pest Control

Herbal Pest Control: Herbal Pest Control is a natural pest control service in which only natural products are used for pest control. Irritation control administrations use synthetic compounds that frequently execute a few nuisances at the resource and upsets others' capacity to imitate.

Chemical Pest Control: The pest-control is employing compound pesticides. A pesticide can be a compound utilized to stop, destroy, or neutralize fleas. They fight insects and diseases Occurring on our plants, livestock, and also our possessions.

Gel Pest Control: Insecticidal gel to get cockroaches is considered to become among the best tactics to do away with them. It's not hard to affect various surfaces, nearly odorless, non-toxic for individuals who have a prolonged effect. It's also widely utilized by insect control providers. It's worth observing that since this pesticide remains still in gel form, it doesn't propagate everywhere else from where it's applied initially, plus it's simple to wash.

Cockroach Control: Now, pest-control professionals often utilize gel lure Plants to restrain and expel Cock Roaches. It necessitates the positioning of diamonds of gel lure in places where the Cock Roaches are understood or likely to call home, traveling, or even feed.

Termites Control: Specific sets of parasitic nematodes are known to prey termites, making them a natural form of biological control. Lactic acid is Available in dust or liquid state; malic acid functions to kill termites and other insects in or close to your house.

Common Pest Problems

Here are some common Pest Problems in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. You can leave your Pest issues with the best Pest Controllers in NCR. CareMS Technicians at home are here for you, providing you with quality Pest Control Services.

Common Pest Problems
  • Flies
  • Rubbish, food scraps, open septic tanks, open leach drains, under eaves
  • Dirty benches and tables, lawn clippings, and animal feces.
  • Cockroaches
Common Pest Problems
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Mites
Common Pest Problems
  • Rats and Mice
  • Bed bugs
  • Fly life cycle


We offer government-approved, family-safe solutions for protecting your homes against all kinds of pests and rats. The solutions provided by our pest control team are environment friendly and completely safe. We strictly use chemicals that are tested and certified to be safe under the government guidelines application.

CareMS has a team of highly trained technicians who track the cause of your pest problems, treating it from its roots so that you don't have to worry about the insects attacking your home before the annual maintenance checkup.

We have a certified team of technicians specializing in all descriptions concerned with pest control for corporate or domestic sectors, providing services like Herbal Pest Control, Chemical Pest Control, etc.

Hire our Technicians to get complete Cockroach Control, Herbal Pest Control, Chemical Pest Control, Gel Pest Control, etc.

Our Pest Control Team:

  • Ensures that our clients’ domestic or corporate space is free of pests attack throughout the year
  • Uses an Anti-Termite Treatment which is a highly effective odourless chemical, so that clients don’t feel suffocated by the smell or fumes
  • Provides Cockroach Gel Treatment which is also a highly effective odourless gel that kills and prevents the insects from growing
  • Offers annual pest inspection care searching meticulously through every corner of your estate, keeping all hygiene issues at bay

Don’t let your office get attacked by pest, hire professional pest control team today!

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