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Our Security Guard Services

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Our security service is the best in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram. We have professional staff with all the latest equipment. Our experienced team is highly experienced to provide the best service to our clients. The main motto of our security service is "securing your trust". We have also had disciplined and trained staff along with the professional staff. Our main three rules are:

  1. Commitment
  2. Ethics
  3. Discipline

Our services are as below:

Industrial Security Services:-

The major security challenge is a large number of goods or assets with vast space. Still, our guards will troubleshoot all the industrial risks such as theft, unauthorized takeaways, etc. We promise to provide our best work.

Commercial Security Services:-

Our commercial security services include the parking lot, ground patrolling, elevator security, visitors management, vehicle screening, lobby security, etc. in every commercial place

  1. 1. Residential Security Services

    In residential areas, the living environment should be fearless. For this, we have proof of being reliable and responsible for providing residential security. For safety, we offer to monitor services and trained guards.

  2. 2. Bank Security Services

    A bank is the most vulnerable institution in theft, robbery, etc. thus, there is a strong need to protect the bank. For that, we assure to give our best security guards. ATMs have a lot of bank's cash that needs to be taken care of, so we have ATM's security guard who looks after that..

  3. 3. Hospitals Security Services

    It is rightly said that there shall be no compromise with health. Similarly, there can be no compromise with the safety of healthcare institutions and hospitals. There should be strong security for hospital staff, doctors, nurses and patients. We provide hospital security service guards with highly trained personnel who have a good attitude and understand the professionalism required from their end. Hospital security requires a sharp eye overall places such as entry-exit doors, patient's rooms, elevators, etc., for that our safety staff is very well trained

  4. 4. Mall Security Services

    Malls are one of the most desirable places and have many people daily. For that, they need security services, and we are providing mall security service which includes protection from:

    • Parking lot patrol
    • Check-in check out
    • Preventing property damage
    • Mobile patrolling
    • Shoplifting
    • Robberies
    • Identifying suspicious acts or persons
    • Providing helping hands to ladies, kids and handicapped
    • Traffic control outside mall
    • Crowd control for events, concerts
    • Find lost children, property
    • Armed security escort for jewellery and cash
    • Resolving violent situations occurring between customers or between shopkeeper and customer or any other
    • Security for store opening and closing
    • Shield for vacant property checks, etc.
  5. 5. Hotel Security Services

    We know that hospitality is a top priority for you, and protecting you is our top priority. We ensure the protection of the building, guests, visitors, and employees of the hotel. It becomes essential for the hotel industry to provide a safe and secure environment to their guests. Apart from life casualties, there can be another dangerous incident that may ruin the hotel's reputation. Our security guard services assure you of letting you free of all the safety and security concerns. Our guards follow the highest standard of integrity. Our hotel security services include::

    • Access point monitoring
    • In out checks
    • Parking lot patrolling
    • Mobile patrolling
    • Random patrolling
    • Emergency security services
    • Elevator security
    • 24/7 CCTV
    • Security for special events, marriage functions, corporate events
    • Checking unauthorized intrusion
    • Escort guests to the location
    • Benefits to group hotel stay, etc.
  6. 6. Office Security Services

    To run a business smoothly, you need to secure it with the best safety measures. To keep your business and people safe, you need security measures to be developed and followed correctly. For that, we have come up with highly professional security guards with complete background checks who pass all the physical or mental standards. Office security services include:

    • Access point monitoring
    • Reception service
    • Visitor register
    • Storeroom security
    • VIP customers, etc.
    • Material in-out register
    • Escort guest
    • Coordinating with local authorities in case of emergency
    • Parking lot patrolling
    • Mobile patrolling
    • Ground patrolling, etc
  7. 7. Personal Security Services

    There can be a threat in today's scenario where you go to the office, function, travel, etc. So to overcome that threat, we are here with the personal security service. We provide both armed and unarmed private security officers, bodyguards, close protection officers. Our security guards are very well trained, and they excellently do their job. Our security guards know all excellent fighting skills. We also have an armed driver in case you need one. All the security guards have a clean chit background and have undergone physical and fitness tests. We promise to serve you the best.

    We promise you of giving the best security services for your events. Our security provides services to the events like:

    • Weddings
    • Corporate events
    • Parties
    • Social gatherings
    • Festivals
    • Concerts
    • Charity
    • Exhibitions
    • Cultural programs
    • Sports events
    • Promotional events, etc
    • We also provide lady security guard and housekeeping services as per the requirements of our clients. We have more than 680 qualified staff, and till now, we have served 1500 events. Our team gives their best to perform every service.

  8. Why choose us?

    • Efficient and trained team:-

    • Our organization is the best and modern service provider in the world. Our security team is very well trained, highly professionals and efficient in their work.

    • Dependable and reliable service:-

    • We emerged as well-known business entitles due to the unique, affordable, perfect management and security services. That's why we have dependable services.

    • Physically and mentally fit employment:-

    • Our organization is capable of providing its services all over India. Thus we have all physically and mentally fit employees with training

    • 24/7 technical supports:-

    • With long working experience, we can recognize the client's actual need, which helps us provide relevant solutions better.

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